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Gujarat & Rajasthan Rasoi Utsav during January - February
(Festive Thali rates apply)

We would be serving a sumptuous thali, which will showcase the very best of Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine lavishly. Golden Star Thali has introduced to everyone's palate some delicious varieties of cuisine originating from Gujarat and Rajasthan. All your favourite Gujarati and Rajasthani food and delicacies will be served unlimited during this utsav.

Some of the dishes served alternately during the Gujarat and Rajasthan Rasoi Utsav are:

Sweets served uninterrupted!!! Some specialities - Malai Cham Cham, Ras Malai, Angoor Rabdi, Strawberry Basundi, Kesar Puran Polis, Desi Ghee Jalebis, Dry Fruit Sheera, Gulab Jamun etc.
Farsans galore!!! Some specialities - Khasta Kachori, Dahi Wada, Chaat Basket, Papri Chaat, Assorted Dhoklas etc.
Special Vegetables which include - Ker Sangri, Surti Undhiyu, Karela Kashmir, Dum Aloo Rajasthani, Tindola Sambharia, Jodhpuri Gutta, Mevadi Pulao, Gobi Angoor, Dry Fruit Batata, Dal Batti Churma etc.

Pure Gold At Golden Star during April - May

They're the purest - handpicked, rich in color, taste & texture; and they yield the purest golden juice ever - soft, sweet, full in taste to savor & relish - the king of fruits - The ALPHONSO.

Golden Star offers unlimited Aamras on Sundays with the Thali

Golden Star also serves pure Aamras complimentary on weekdays with the Thali.

Family Fun - To extend this feast to the entire family we also offer TAKE HOME AAMRAS PACKS.

Golden Star's unmatched thali has a serving to do justice to a king!

Golden Star Thali Presents The Best of Maubji Maharaj during July

Welcome to a festival worthy of a King!!!
(Festive Thali rates apply)
A unique compilation of Gujarati & Rajasthani food & delicacies, created during the 50 years of expertise as one of the greatest Maharaj's (Chef) of Gujarati & Rajasthani cuisine.

Chef Maubji Maharaj's presence manifests itself in the authentic presentation of Gujarati and Rajasthani food in a sparkling thali with katoris, a tall glass of smoked masala chaas, sweets, farsans and tongue tingling pickles.

Some of Maubji Maharaj's specialities, which will be served unlimited, during the ongoing food festival, are:
Sweets served uninterrupted:

  • Mewa Lapsi
  • Pushkar Malpua Rabdi
  • Mohanthal
  • Sevaiyan Kheer
  • Special Vegetables:
  • Karela besanwala
  • Rabodi Kanda
  • Khichiye Ki Sabzi
  • Makai Ghasita
  • Sing Ambola
  • Rajwadi Batata
  • Phudina Cauliflower
  • Rasgulla Sabzi
  • Bharela Baigan Makhana
  • Gehu Ki Khichdi
  • Makkai Gath
A brief outline on Dehati Rasoi Utsav By Golden Star Thali during August
(Festive Thali rates apply)

From the interiors of Gujarat & Rajasthan, Golden Star Thali presents a traditional DEHATI (VILLAGE) RASOI UTSAV. Some of the traditional items, which have been introduced and are served unlimited alternatively during the Dehati Rasoi Utsav are:

Sweets served uninterrupted:
  • Rajasthani Kheer
  • Churma Ladoo
  • Moong Dal Sheera
  • Malpua Rabdi

Special Vegetables:

  • Ker Sangri
  • Panki
  • Gatte ki Sabzi
  • Marwari Khichdi
  • Ringna No Olo

Farsans Galore

Navratri Rasoi Utsav during September - October

(Festive Thali rates apply)
Diwali Rasoi Utsav during October - November

(Festive Thali rates apply)
Surti Undhiyu

Surti Undhiyu , every Friday's and Sunday's, served unlimited with the Thali. One can also buy it in take home packs. Surti Undhiyu is a combination of sweet, sour and spicy tastes subtly blended with farm fresh vegetables procured from Surat. This winter dish is made only during the winter months, as the main ingredients are mainly available during November to February.

The main ingredients that go in the making of the Undhiyu are,

  • Surti Papdi
  • Purple Kand
  • Fresh green garlic
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Baby brinjal
  • Baby potatoes
  • Lilwa dana
  • Fresh green peas
  • Tuver dana
  • Raw bananas
  • Fresh methi muthias etc.
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